Released Compression

The right compression in the right location defines our socks. Orfiks posses active-compression in the mid-sole and crown of the foot that provides support for blood flow. Our socks also have areas of released compression and added padding at the potential pressure points in the toes and heel. 

True-Fit Sizing

You wouldn't buy your shoes in a "small", so why buy your socks that way? At Orfiks, we size our socks in two different foot size increments in order to provide a better fit. Your foot truly benefits from specially positioned compression areas. 

Moisturizing Wicking and Natural Material

We've designed our sock as a system. It's designed to wick bacteria-laden moisture from your foot onto the sock. The use of some natural fibers in the right place not only feels better, but provides natural anti-odor and anti-bacterial benefits. 

Better Fit, Better Performance.


We have used a new design that is different from other performance socks on the market. Our Tri-Tech system makes our socks unique - we focused on the athlete and how our socks can give them an extra advantage.


Performance is defined as the continual completion of a single act at its greatest level. Our Tri-Tech system allows the athletes to perform at their peak.


We have committed our efforts in identifying quality materials that allow us to achieve our design goals. Our socks are made to endure the toughest training regimen, without any concern of them breaking down.